May 13, 2010 - The Nashville Skyline - Nashville, Tennessee


My family has been tinkering with photography since the birth of the camera.

My first camera was a 35mm Canon. I still have it. And I still shoot with it! These days I keep it loaded with slide film. I love shooting slides. I love negatives and printed photos. There's something about the analog nature of photography that tugs at my soul. I shoot a plethora of digital pictures, but I still love my trusty 35mm Canon.

My first digital camera was of the point and shoot kind. I don't remember it all that well ... it was an Olymus. And I'm pretty sure I paid close to $500 for it. I was living in New York and wanted something I could carry around town.

Before long, I made my move to a DSLR. My sister and I were planning a trip to Sweden to visit my other sister, and I decided I needed a brand new digital setup for the adventure. That was the first time I dropped a significant amount of cash at B&H Photo Video in Manhattan. I set myself up with a Canon 5D, a Canon 16-35mm L series lens, and a few other goodies. At the time it was an amazing set of gear.

As soon as I started capturing digital images I started manipulating and tweaking my pictures with my computer. I started making multi-sitch images. And panoramas. And little planets. And I've been tinkering ever since.


One of my favorite forms of photographic expression is through panoramas and spheres. The reason I love it so much is that the method allows you to capture an entire 360 degree environment in a single image. There are many ways to project your captured image, but the two I use most often are panoramas and spheres.

Most recently, I've really enjoyed capturing favorite spots in my hometown of Nashville, and creating Little Planets from each location. Check out a few examples below 👍🏻

Spheres are available printed on canvas - contact me for more information