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24 October 2011 07:08 PM CDT

These days I can't get enough of Jason Silva.  I just found out he's working on a documentary film entitled, "Turning Into Gods (or the Marriage of Science and Art)."  Expect a future post with more information on this upcoming film.

For today, though, I'd like to post another video of Jason.  This clip is just over one minute, but managed to capture my attention for a whole lot longer than that.  Jason makes several profound statements in this clip.  The concept that caught my attention is that of evolution advancing beyond biology and towards technology for the simple reason that it probably takes less energy to engineer a technological device than it would to grow additional brain capacity.  I know, I had to let that marinate for a bit before it fully hit me.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the clip:

"Our tools have become so sophisticated that they are not just tools anymore, they are actually portions of our cognition.  They are outsourced cognition."
"Just because we're not physically tethered to this device it's still a part of us, it's just wireless.  It's just like evolution figured out that it probably took less energy to engineer an iPhone than it would have to grow another portion of the brain that would give us telepathy."
"To be human today is to wear an exoskeleton called a car that allows us to cruise at a certain speed ...  These are suits that we put on but it's still us."

Jason is an eloquent speaker.  He does a wonderful job of letting his mind run wild and then taking his audience with him on his journey.  He's quickly becoming one of my favorite philosophers on information and technology.

Check out the brief clip below: