18 October 2011 12:31 PM CDT

I love this video.  I find it very inspirational.  Yes, a little creepy, but none-the-less exciting.  After watching it I had to first check out "Darwin's Pharmacy" by Richard Doyle, The Imaginary Foundation, and "The Beginning of Infinity" by David Deutsch.  Very few two minute videos have inspired me to do so much research.

Here's a collection of my favorite quotes from the clip.

  • When speaking about what you wish to create:
    "Choose the most amazing exciting and ecstatic possibility and then pull the present forward to meet it."
  • On the power of the human mind:
    "We bring our imaginings into existence."
  • Increasing the creative capacity of our minds has largely been the result of  the following:
    "As technology has advanced we've found ways to outsource our mental capacities to our tools."
  • The exponentially increasing pace of technological change has
    "[shrunk] the lag time between our imaginings and their instantiation in our own world."
  • When speaking about an ever changing world:
    "The whole entire thing will be subject to the intent of substrate independent infinitely more powerful minds."

Humans have remarkable capabilities. We've created technology that allows us to redefine the world around us as we know it.  With great power comes great responsibility. Now go out and change this world for the better!