I'm In Country Weekly Magazine!

18 October 2011 03:09 PM CDT

Howdy folks!  It’s a big week for Adam Thede the photographer.  My good friends Hannah and Justin recently got engaged (congrats HB and J!), and I took their engagement pictures!  It was an awesome experience.  Justin surprised Hannah by proposing on the beach in Florida.  I truly felt like paparazzi, as I was hiding with a giant telephoto lens to capture the moment.  After she said yes (hooray!) we took a bunch of pictures on the beach.  And, lo and behold, my pictures are in Country Weekly magazine this week!

Here’s the cover of this week’s issue (it’s the October 24, 2011 issue):

Country Weekly Magazine

And, right there on page 41, if you read the fine print you’ll find the following:

2011 10-24 Country Weekly (Page 41 - Fine Print)

That’s right, AT’s in Country Weekly!  I can now say I’m a published photographer :)

You’ll have to grab a copy to see the inside of the magazine (I don’t want to fire up any potential copyright issues associated with posting a picture of a magazine, any thoughts on that anyone?).

Regardless, here’s one of the pictures that made it into the magazine:

2011 09-16 Hannah and Justin Engagement

They look good!  Congrats again, Hannah and Justin!