2000 - Waiting for the Metro in Paris

10 May 2011 02:46 PM CDT

The other day I got an email from the business school at my Alma Mater - The University of Colorado, Boulder.  The very first article is about a great professor I had the opportunity of taking classes from.  Apparently this year marks the 25th anniversary of the Leeds School London Finance Program headed by Professor Michael Palmer.  Professor Palmer teaches finance at CU, and he’s also responsible for a summer seminar series in London.  I had the great opportunity to participate in the program and to spend an entire summer living in London.  I’ll post more on that experience later.

Today I want to post just one picture.  It caught my eye as I was browsing the pictures I took while studying in London.  Here’s a picture of me waiting for the metro in Paris, taken by my friend Jeff Berge.  I think it’s a great shot.  It’s funny looking at this picture, because Jeff would later go on to sail with Semester at Sea and take incredible photos while participating in the voyage.

So, here I am in the summer of 2000, sitting on a bench in Paris, France.

2000 Adam Thede - Summer in Paris

Nikon 9000 ED 35mm Color Negative Scan, 4000 dpi