Shared Passion

14 January 2011 12:00 AM CST

As you may or may not know, one of my great passions has been creating a digital archive of thousands of photographs from my family’s personal history. When my mother and I moved my grandparents to the nursing home, we spent a great deal of time preparing their home for a large auction. We spent countless hours sifting and sorting through all kinds of treasures. I managed to find all kinds of interesting things in their home – old photographic negatives, memorabilia, and even a stash of old stock certificates that belonged to their neighbor. During that experience I personally vowed to create a digital archive of all the family memorabilia and photographs I could find. I’ve been scanning negatives on-and-off for about three years now, and my library of images is well into the thousands.

I always find it interesting when I meet or discover others who share my passion. The other day I came across the below story about a twenty-something guy from Chicago who stumbled on to a treasure trove of old street photography. At a storage unit sale he paid approximately $400 for a box of negatives from the 1960s. He soon learned he had uncovered unknown photographic work from a woman named Vivian Maier. Vivian Maier was a Chicago nanny and took over 100,000 photographs. Now, decades later, John Maloof has made it his personal goal to preserve her photographic memories. It’s awesome to see someone doing something so similar to what I enjoy doing.

Please check out the story below.

For more information on John Maloof and the Vivian Maier project, please check the following blog: