Adam's Workspace

24 October 2011 09:08 PM CDT

Last Thursday I posted a picture from 2004 of Steve Jobs’ workspace.  I love checking out where people work.  Where they think, solve problems, and create.  Last week I got to tour the Griffin Technologies building here in Nashville, Tennessee.  Under one roof you can find a machine shop, sales cubicles, a testing center, quality control desks, and various sections for marketing, design, and other business functions.  On the tour one cubicle stood out in particular.  One of the customer support representatives had a cubicle that was literally floor-to-ceiling filled with action figures and Lego sets.  It was unbelievable.  I wish I had a picture to share.

Seeing Steve’s place, and then touring the Griffin Technologies building, inspired me to take a picture of my personal workspace.  I’d love to see other personal workspaces so please feel free to share.

Here’s my workspace as of last Thursday.

2011 10-20 Adam's Workspace