Time For An Indoor Garden

19 October 2011 12:08 PM CDT

As many of you know, Laura and I are a bit obsessed with our garden.  Ever since moving to Nashville from New York we’ve been fascinated with growing our own food.  What else are we gonna do with this yard?  Tennessee has a great climate for growing crops (as well as weeds).  Growing grass is virtually impossible - the weeds are just too persistent!  So, we decided we’d like to grow food.  Each year our garden gets a little bigger and next year we’re really gonna blow it up.  Goodbye, grass!

This year was the first time we attempted a Fall garden.  It’s been mildly successful.  We planted kale, spinach, swiss chard, leaf lettuce, and a few herbs.  The forecast this week calls for some cooler temperatures so we decided to pot a few things and bring them inside.  Also, a few weeks ago we sprouted two avocado pits and needed to pot them.  So, our new indoor garden consists of the following: two avocado trees (we’ll see how that turns out, gotta give them many years), oregano, basil, kale, and spinach.

We’ve never really known what to do with our lofted nook upstairs, so now it’s home to our indoor garden.  Take a look!

2011 10-18 Indoor Garden

The two big pots house our avocado trees.  The medium sized pots have basil and kale in them.  The smallest pots have oregano, spinach, and kale.  Grow, indoor garden, grow!