I'm The Luckiest and Most Blessed Man In The World

18 October 2011 10:26 AM CDT

I’m the luckiest and most blessed man in the world. Laura, I love you :)


It’s our 3rd anniversary today:) I have been told I do a lot of gushing about my man on Twitter, and I admit, I do.

Close the app or tab right now if you just can’t take it anymore because here goes…

Adam, Babe, Herman…

Thank you for finding me and being patient enough to let me find you back. Thank you for making light of most things. Thank you for not making light of those few other things. Thank you for moving to Nashville with me. Thank you for taking me around the world when we had all that time to do it. Thank you for reading article after article and teaching me new stuff everyday. Thank you for not telling people that I’m lying when I say “I read an article about…..” when really, you read it, and I just poached what you told me and recycled it. Thanks for being someone old people think are awesome-I’ve always seen that as a sign of awesomeness. Thank you for dealing with me accidentally hiding things. It means a lot to me that you know I don’t know I’m doing it. Thank you for waiting it out while I figured out what work made me happy. Thank you for noticing and telling me how happy I am now. Thank you for letting me analyze everything—movies, moments, our relationship… to death. Thank you for making me laugh everyday. Thanks for having collections and valuing things. Thanks for making and growing and building things with me. Thanks for being someone who bowls and dances and party’s with me. And thanks for hermiting out with me when we’re party’ed out. Thanks for my wooden ring. Thanks for not wanting a big ol’ wedding. And thanks for letting me spread out my vows forevermore on Twitter and in blogs.

I could go on…

Basically, you rule. I’m so grateful. Let’s go eat pancakes!

I love my Herman.