I'm The Luckiest and Most Blessed Man In The World

18 October 2011

I’m the luckiest and most blessed man in the world. Laura, I love you :)


It’s our 3rd anniversary today:) I have been told I do a lot of gushing about my man on Twitter, and I admit, I do.

Close the app or tab right now if you just can’t take it anymore because here goes…

Adam, Babe, Herman…

Thank you for finding me and being patient enough to let me find you back. Thank you for making light of most things. Thank you for not making light of those few other things. Thank you for moving to Nashville with me. Thank you for taking me around the world when we had all that time to do it. Thank you for reading article after article and teaching me new stuff everyday. Thank you for not telling people that I’m lying when I say “I read an article about…..” when really, you read it, and I just poached what you told me and recycled it. Thanks for being someone old people think are awesome-I’ve always seen that as a sign of awesomeness. Thank you for dealing with me accidentally hiding things. It means a lot to me that you know I don’t know I’m doing it. Thank you for waiting it out while I figured out what work made me happy. Thank you for noticing and telling me how happy I am now. Thank you for letting me analyze everything—movies, moments, our relationship… to death. Thank you for making me laugh everyday. Thanks for having collections and valuing things. Thanks for making and growing and building things with me. Thanks for being someone who bowls and dances and party’s with me. And thanks for hermiting out with me when we’re party’ed out. Thanks for my wooden ring. Thanks for not wanting a big ol’ wedding. And thanks for letting me spread out my vows forevermore on Twitter and in blogs.

I could go on…

Basically, you rule. I’m so grateful. Let’s go eat pancakes!

I love my Herman.

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Steve Jobs

06 October 2011

Steve Jobs lived a remarkable life.  Every moment of the man's existence was awe inspiring - from birth to death.  He conquered numerous industries, ran several massive companies, networked and influenced with countless other icons of industry, and left an indelible fingerprint on the face of the earth.  I have been influenced by the products and services he created and/or crafted more times than I can count.  Edison gave my home electricity and Jobs filled my life with products and services that harness that power beautifully and effectively.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Our Memory in the Age of Google

24 September 2011

I've read several articles about how the internet is altering the structure of our brains.  We're interacting with information in new ways and are quickly abandoning older methods of research and education.  The overall means by which we discover and interact with information is changing at an exponential rate.

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Facebook: Flypaper For Tech Talent

22 September 2011

Facebook is doing big things.  It's obvious that in order to do big things you need big, talented, crazy smart people.  I've read a lot about how there is an incredible supply / demand imbalance right now when it comes to software development and engineering talent.  Major technology companies have been increasing salaries, offering outlandish perks, and pulling off crazy stunts (such as a year's supply of PBR and a brand new iPad to new hires).  Everyone wants a software developer.  Or an engineer.  Anyone with technical skills.  And, those skills are often self taught.  The pace of change in technology is exponential so those charting the path to the future are often self-motivated, self-starting, and self-educated tech wizards.  And, there aren't that many of them.  Well, there aren't enough of them.

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Facebook Timeline: Same Social Network, New Skin

22 September 2011

Today Facebook made several announcements at their f8 conference in California.  The most relevant announcement to me is their new feature, Timeline.  They will begin transitioning profile pages to the new Timeline layout over the next few weeks.  What the Timeline does is show a user's entire Facebook experience over time beginning with that user's birth.  The Timeline includes specific items such as status updates, photos, videos, and updates via apps (such as Nike+, Netflix, Hulu, etc.).

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Remembering and Honoring September 11

22 September 2011

I’m a bit late with this post.  I comfort myself with the old adage, “better late, than never.”

I found the below blog post over at 360Cities.  If you never had the opportunity to stand on top of the World Trade Center, please click on and interact with the below panoramas.

I toured the World Trade Center several times.  My last trip to the “Windows on the World” bar on the 106 and 107 floors of the North Tower was in early August, 2001.  I had been interning at Lehman Brothers during the summer of 2001.  Lehman’s headquarters at the time was at 3 World Financial Center, just around the corner from the World Trade Center complex.  I flew back to Colorado on August 18, 2001, three weeks before the terrorist attacks.

The World Trade Center was a magical place.  I’m grateful I had an opportunity to experience the complex, the power, and the grandeur.  For a rough approximation please check out the below panoramas.

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News: More Bad News For Groupon: Sales Team Files Class-Action Suit | paidContent

09 September 2011

Ouch! Not only does this article highlight a class action law suit regarding unpaid overtime to sales employees, but it also makes note of the fact that Groupon has had a 50% decline in web traffic while LivingSocial has actually had a 27% increase in web traffic.  One, two, punch!  I've always known that Groupon employs a virtual army of sales staff as well as writers and marketers for their deals.  What I didn't realize is that the pressure in the organization is pretty intense.  Makes sense considering how much they've got to prove in the challenging daily deals space.  This article talks about sales people crying while trying to meet unrealistic sales goals.  I'd like to see Groupon innovate on their product, differentiate themselves from the masses of daily deals outlets, and find a niche to call their own.  I have my doubts about their ability to rule the daily deals space.  Their product is just too interchangeable with the rest of the offerings.

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News: Human gait could soon power portable electronics

25 August 2011

This is fascinating.  Researchers have developed a way to harvest energy generated from human walking.  This energy can then be used to power a variety of mobile electronic devices (such as smartphones, laptops, etc.).  I love reading about energy harvesting technology.  There is plenty of energy out there to power your portable electronics - you just have to look in the right places and develop the right technologies.  Bravo.

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Steve Jobs Resigns

25 August 2011

Today Steve Jobs resigned as the CEO of Apple.  The news has been abuzz, and Twitter has been on fire.  Here are a few quotes I've seen that I like:

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