Vincent and Carmine in the Snow

12 December 2010

I love the snow.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in Colorado, maybe it’s because snow seems to silence everything, or maybe it’s because it’s so much fun to play in.  Well, one thing’s for sure, Vincent and Carmine enjoyed the snow today.

2010 12-12 Adam Thede - Carmine and Vincent

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Nashville From Above

22 November 2010

Tonight I had the opportunity to take some pictures from an upper balcony at a high rise in downtown Nashville.  I had a great time capturing Music City at night.

2010 11-22 Downtown Nashville Panorama at Night

2010 11-22 Downtown Nashville Panorama at Night

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The Nashville Flood of 2010

05 May 2010
Nashville, Tennessee

On May 3, 2010 Laura and I ventured downtown to take some pictures of the flood.  I took six panoramic images from various viewpoints in the downtown area.  Here’s what we saw.

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Vinnie and Carmine Cam

28 October 2009

With the magic of here’s a little live action web-cam of my little boys.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the gents.

And here’s a link to the permanent page on cityofthedes: The Vinnie & Carmine Show.

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Wedding Festivity Panoramas

18 August 2009

It’s taken me quite awhile, but I’ve finally completed panoramas and little planets from Emily and Rich’s wedding festivities.  I took a few pictures at the rehearsal dinner in Boulder, and one panorama at our house in Englewood.  Here’s what we’ve got … enjoy!

Check out the set on Flickr here.

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I Have Finally Finished the 1970s

31 May 2009

I have been slaving away, trying to finish scanning, editing, and uploading everything I have from the 1970s.  I’m happy to say I have finally finished (with what I’ve got)!  I’m very excited.  I had a lot of fun working on the 1970s.  It’s when mom graduated from both high school and from college, when Carrie was born, when Carl was born, when I was born, when mom and dad met, when they got married, when they took their honeymoon, and when they bought their first house.  In order to see everything, you’ll need to log in to Flickr (I’ve got the stuff protected … for now).

Please head over to Flickr and take a peak at what I’ve got.  Here’s the link: Family History - The 1970s

And, just for fun, here are a couple of my favorite pictures.  Enjoy!

1970 Laurie Ekwall - Summer 12 - Laurie Irene Ekwall in the Oldsmobile Cutlass

1970s Laurie Ekwall - Trip to Colorado 11 - Laurie Irene Ekwall and Kenneth Lee Ekwall at Monarch Pass

1971 08 Cathie Masters - Maple Lane - Laurie Irene Ekwall on the Dock at Maple Lane

1971 Laurie Ekwall - All State 11 - Laurie Irene Ekwall

1972 Ekwall - Baby Carrie 05 - Cathie Lee Ekwall Masters and Carrie Michele Masters

1972 Laurie Ekwall - Holidays 01 - Carrie Michele Masters and Kenneth Lee Ekwall

1972 Laurie Ekwall - Holidays 18 - Frances Irene Spencer Ekwall and Kenneth Lee Ekwall

1973 Laurie Ekwall - UNL 19 - Laurie Irene Ekwall

1975 06 Laurie Ekwall - Palmer 03 - Larry Dale Thede

1975 06 Laurie Ekwall - Palmer 04 - Larry Dale Thede and Laurie Irene Ekwall

1976 08 Thede - Honeymoon 119 - Larry Dale Thede

1976 08 Thede - Honeymoon 206 - Laurie Irene Ekwall Thede and Larry Dale Thede

1977 06 Thede - Family Travel 101 - Harry Arthur Thede

1977 Thede - Palmyra and Omaha 05 - Larry Dale Thede, Michael Thorfinnson, and Frank Masters

1977-1978 Thede - Trip With Ekwall Family 10 - Larry Dale Thede and His Crops

1978 02 Thede - Omaha and the Farm 06 - Larry Dale Thede

1979 11 Ekwall - Frances Irene Spencer Ekwall, Adam Spencer Thede, Larry Dale Thede, and Laurie Irene Ekwall Thede

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Pasta and Louis Prima

13 April 2009

On April 13 we had a pasta night / “Anchorman” viewing at our house … here’s the pasta dinner set to Louis Prima :)

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Custom Pillows and Ron Burgundy Chairs

22 March 2009

On March 20, 2009 Laura and I did a photo shoot in honor of some custom pillows my mom made us and our incredible and awesome Ron Burgundy yellow chairs.  It was a fiesta and a half.

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Adam and Laura Have a Photo Shoot

22 March 2009

On February 22, 2009 Laura and I did our first photo shoot at home.  Here’s what our fun yielded :)

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Rare Trove of Army Medical Photos Heads to Flickr

18 March 2009

Wild that this article is on the front page of today, considering I just uploaded my grandfather’s photos from World War II to Flickr two days ago.  I’m amazed that there are people out there (archivists - a title I love) working on things similar to what I enjoy doing.  Now, if only I could get paid to do it :)  That’s my next task …

Here’s a sample from the Flickr Photostream:


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