TED - David Christian: The history of our world in 18 minutes

20 February 2013

This TED Talk from David Christian rocks :)

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Happy Father's Day!

17 June 2012

I’ve been flipping through a ton of old pictures and in all the pics of me as a little kid I’ve got this huge smile on my face. It’s obvious to me that I was overly loved, and nurtured, and cherished. My parents always treated me as a little blessing and thought that everything I did or was doing was amazing (even if they didn’t understand what I was doing). I’m incredibly grateful, and thankful, to have been raised like that.

If any of you know my dad, you know that he’s always cracking jokes, looking for laughs, and making sure everyone around him is focused on the positive side of any story.

Thanks, Dad, for taking such incredibly good care of me and making sure I always had a smile on my face. I do the same thing for the loved ones around me - I do my best to make sure everyone’s happy and is smiling. It’s an incredible gift you’ve given me and I hope to pass it down to the next generation of Thedes :)

Now, picture time!

1979 02 Thede - Adam Thede's Birth

1979 02 Thede - Adam Thede's Birth

1979 02 Thede - Adam Thede's Birth

1979 12 Thede - Christmas

1979 12 Thede - Christmas

1979 12 Thede - Christmas

1979 Thede - Baby Adam

1979 Thede - Home in Omaha

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Let's Try That Again! Making Mistakes and The Importance of Persistence.

24 May 2012

Several weeks ago I got to experience something authentically Nashville.  No, it wasn't a trip to the Opry, although I've been and it's amazing.  And no, it wasn't dining at a meat and three (but I can tell you that Arnold's is off the charts).   For the second time since moving here I got to watch the production of a country music video.

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Don't Know What You're Doing? Who Cares … A Success Story.

17 May 2012

I can't remember when I first started dreaming of moving to New York and working on Wall Street.  Ever since I was a child I had a fascination with money and finances.  I had a sign that hung over my bedroom door that said "Wall Street" on it.  I was the kid who would literally iron my cash flat.  While in college my focus was purely academic, and led me to investment banking.

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Reinventing Nashville

11 May 2012

I moved to Nashville from New York a bit over three years ago.  The time had come to leave, but it wasn't an easy decision to make.  I had dreamed of living in the big city my entire life and thought no where else could offer an environment so full of energy and opportunity.

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Experimenting with Accountability

20 January 2012

Everyone has a few bad habits they'd love to break or goals they'd like to achieve.  And, because breaking bad habits and accomplishing goals is challenging there are numerous businesses that aim to help you.  It seems that every New Year brings with it a proliferation of resolutions and numerous businesses geared towards helping you accomplish your goals.

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My Quantified Self - Keeping a Food Diary

18 January 2012

Health and wellness are extremely popular subjects for those interested in the Quantified Self.  Accordingly, two of the most important factors in determining health and wellness are exercise and diet.  It's becoming rather easy to track exercise habits with the proliferation of devices and apps to help you quantify your exercise.  Not as easy is tracking everything you eat.  Several months ago I created a spreadsheet to record every item I consumed.  The process was tedious and time consuming (no pun intended).  I took it upon myself to record the nutritional information of everything I ate.  I made PDF copies of  the food labels of everything I ate (with the help of DocScan for iPhone), and then transferred all the relevant information back into my monster food tracking spreadsheet.  I did a rather remarkable job of keeping up with my consumption.  However, after a month and a half I ditched the project.  It was just too hard.

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Curated News - The Knowledge: Ron Conway | Think Quarterly by Google

10 January 2012

Good call, Ron. I’m most interested in Brazil, Software Eating the World, and Founders in Control.

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