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06 July 2011

Since this is my first official post to the ThedeTech blog I should probably start with a little background on what you can expect to find here.  I read a lot.  I love perusing the web and finding interesting stories about interesting companies doing interesting things.  On occasion I'll actually have original thoughts of my own.  But most of the time I'm best at just taking in a lot of information, processing it, and repackaging it for general distribution.  I have a long list of my favorite blogs, news sources, etc., and I love browsing through them in search of a great story.  So, here at the ThedeTech blog you will regularly find my take on the day's news.  And, on occasion, I'll post some original content of my own.

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Kickstarter.com and Innovation in Photography

24 June 2011

The moment I found Kickstarter.com I was intrigued.  There are several crowd-sourced fundraising websites out there, but for some reason I seem to be drawn to Kickstarter.  First, the concept is fantastic: crowd source fundraising efforts for individual or group projects.  To me it seems like an excellent engine for fueling creativity.  Get people to literally buy-in to your vision for a unique project, product, or experience.  If you head over to Kickstarter.com you'll see several examples of all kinds of interesting projects currently seeking funding.

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

24 June 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!  Today we’re gonna celebrate my mother’s birthday with a collection of images from previous birthdays.  Sounds appropriate, right?  I kinda got the idea from my dad.  He posted a blog today detailing what we were doing on my mom’s birthday last year, 10 years ago, 20 years ago, and 30 years ago.  Well, I’m happy to report that I have pictures to accompany those dates!  Hooray!  Let’s get started :)

Here’s a look at June 23, 2010 (last year).  We were busy driving across the country with my parents.  We filled a U-Haul trailer full of my stuff in Denver and drove it all the way back to Nashville.  On June 23 we were in St. Louis, Missouri visiting my sister and celebrating my mother’s birthday.  If you look closely, this is a picture taken from inside our car with a view of the St. Louis Arch.

2010 06-24 St. Louis, Missouri

Unfortunately, I can’t find any digital pictures from my mother’s birthday 10 years ago.  Darn.  Ok, moving on to 20 years ago, June 23, 1991.  We celebrated my mom’s birthday in the mountains at my Great Uncle Louis’s house with the Carl and Debbie Lundstrom crew.  Here we all are: 

1991 06 Thede - Colorado and Nebraska

Now time for my mom’s birthday 30 years ago, June 23, 1981.  This is a great picture.  I’m not sure if it was taken exactly on my mom’s birthday, but it was taken really close to it.  My mom was pregnant with my sister, Emily, who was born just a little over a month after my mom’s birthday.

1981 07 Thede - Emily Thede's Birth

So, there you have it, the birthday’s that correlate with my dad’s blog post about my mother’s birthday.  If you wanna check out my dad’s blog post you can find it here.

And now, let’s take a look at some earlier birthdays.  Let’s hop in the time machine and look at some of my mother’s birthdays from the 1950s and 1960s.

Let’s begin our reverse chronological journey with June 23, 1964:

1964 06-23 Laurie Ekwall 10th Birthday

June 23, 1963:

1963 06 Kenneth Ekwall - Laurie Ekwall Birthday Party

June 23, 1960:

1960 06 - Laurie Ekwall 6th Birthday

June 23, 1959:

1959 06 - Ekwall Films - Laurie Irene Ekwall Birthday

June 23, 1958:

1958 06-23 Ekwall - Laurie Irene Ekwall on her Birthday 03

June 23, 1957 (I particularly love this shot because it has my mom, her sister, her mother, and both my great-grandfather Emil Ekwall and my great-grandmother Mary Ella Ekwall. Not sure about the person in blue, mom, any ideas?):

1957 06-23 Ekwall - Laurie Irene Ekwall Birthday, Cathie, Frances, Emil, and Ella

Another from June 23, 1957 (this is a classic birthday shot, I love it):

1957 06 - Ekwall Films - Laurie Irene Ekwall Birthday

And last but not least, June 23, 1955:

1955 06-23 Ekwall - Laurie Irene Ekwall Birthday 01


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Father's Day Organic Garden Status Update

20 June 2011

Laura and I are super excited about the organic garden that we’re growing this year. We can’t stop talking about it and we love checking it out every morning. Today, in honor of Father’s Day, we decided to make a little status update video. Check it out :)

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Happy Father's Day!

19 June 2011

Happy Father’s Day!  It’s a bit odd, but today I received the best Father’s day gift - and I’m not a father yet.  My dad started blogging!  I’m super excited about it.  I’ve been asking him to blog for awhile and today he started.  And, to top it off, another family member started blogging today too - my sister, Rosie.  Congrats, Dad and Rosie for joining the blogosphere!  I heartily welcome you both and look forward to reading your posts :)

To check out what my dad is up to you can visit his blog at : "Larry Writes It Down"

To check out what my sister Rosie is up to you can visit her blog at : "The Daily Triumph"

Now, time for what I love to do on my blog - post some pictures.  Today we’re celebrating Father’s Day with a few Father-Centric pictures from the late 80s and early 90s.  Get ready for some excellent outfits and some good fishing.

Here’s dad with the kids on Easter in 1989:

1989 Thede - Trip to California

Here we are with dad at the airport in 1989:

1989 Thede - Trip to California

I’m probably gonna get immediate requests from my sisters to have this picture removed (because it should be outlawed), but here we are with dad at Disneyland in 1989:

1991 Thede - Florida - Adam Thede, Emily Thede, Larry Thede, and Rosalie Thede

Finally, I’ll close with a sequence of pictures taken on a fishing trip to Minnesota in June of 1987:

1987 Thede - Minnesota - Larry Thede at Larry's Super Market

1987 06 Thede - Minnesota - Larry Thede

1987 06 Thede - Minnesota - Larry Thede and Adam Thede

1987 Thede - Minnesota - Larry Thede and Adam Thede

Happy Father’s Day!! :)

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June 1, 2009 - Vincent and Carmine

17 June 2011

I just got back from walking Vincent and Carmine.  Sometimes I forget how unbelievably tiny they were as puppies.  They were such little munchkins!  Nothing but tiny fluff …  The top two pictures are of Vincent and the bottom shot is Carmine.  The gents.

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June 13, 2011 - Carnage on the Kale

14 June 2011

Yesterday I managed to catch quite a spectacle out in our organic garden.  Below we’ve got pictures of a wasp consuming a caterpillar.  I noticed this menacing looking wasp hovering over our kale and as soon as I spotted him he seemed to have spotted his lunch.  Camera in hand, I saw this guy munch down on this caterpillar and before long fly away with the poor fella in his mouth.  Vicious!

2011 06-13 Carnage on the Kale

Shot with a Canon 5D, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8mm Macro USM lens at f/4.5, 1/250 sec, ISO 400.

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June 10, 2011 - The Lunabelles at CMA Fest

13 June 2011

This past Friday I had the good fortune of seeing my friends in the band The Lunabelles play at CMA Fest.  I’ve been to CMA Fest each of the past three years and every year I’ve witnessed friends of mine play the Hard Rock Cafe outdoor stage.  So cool.

The Lunabelles put on a great show - I highly encourage everyone to check them out - you can find them online at http://www.thelunabelles.com.

2011 06-10 The Lunabelles at CMA Fest

2011 06-10 The Lunabelles at CMA Fest

2011 06-10 The Lunabelles at CMA Fest

2011 06-10 The Lunabelles at CMA Fest

2011 06-10 The Lunabelles at CMA Fest

2011 06-10 The Lunabelles at CMA Fest

2011 06-10 The Lunabelles at CMA Fest

2011 06-10 The Lunabelles at CMA Fest

Here’s a map of where these were taken:

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