News: More Bad News For Groupon: Sales Team Files Class-Action Suit | paidContent

09 September 2011 02:40 PM CDT

Ouch! Not only does this article highlight a class action law suit regarding unpaid overtime to sales employees, but it also makes note of the fact that Groupon has had a 50% decline in web traffic while LivingSocial has actually had a 27% increase in web traffic.  One, two, punch!  I've always known that Groupon employs a virtual army of sales staff as well as writers and marketers for their deals.  What I didn't realize is that the pressure in the organization is pretty intense.  Makes sense considering how much they've got to prove in the challenging daily deals space.  This article talks about sales people crying while trying to meet unrealistic sales goals.  I'd like to see Groupon innovate on their product, differentiate themselves from the masses of daily deals outlets, and find a niche to call their own.  I have my doubts about their ability to rule the daily deals space.  Their product is just too interchangeable with the rest of the offerings.