News: Need cash? Forget plasma, and donate CPU time instead. — Cloud Computing News

15 July 2011 04:12 PM CDT

An excellent idea.  I recently read a statistic regarding the amount of unharnessed CPU power in the world today.  I can't remember the exact figure but I remember there is a tremendous amount of untapped processing power in the world today.  Whenever a computer is sitting idle it's not utilizing it's computational power.  Very few programs fire up when your computer sits idle.  In fact, the only program I have on my computer that works overtime when I'm not working is CrashPlan.  CrashPlan is an automatic data backup provider - it compresses and encrypts my data and the computer works overtime when it's been idle for 20 minutes.  I wish more software was available today that would work overtime when my computer sits idle.  In the meantime, outsourcing this power is a great idea.