News: Tech Start-Ups Settling in Flatiron and Chelsea -

25 April 2011 04:06 PM CDT

It's interesting to see New York City blossom into a startup and entrepreneur friendly city.  One thing Laura and I constantly discussed while living there was how prohibitively expensive the city seemed for anyone looking to start a business or engage in a creative pursuit.  NYC is a tough place.  However, since we've left, the city seems to be experiencing a bit of a renaissance when it comes to entrepreneurs, the creative class, and technology.  This article discusses how the Flatiron District and Chelsea have become loving homes to new technology companies as well as to the venture capital companies that supply the capital.

I had no idea there were any buildings in Manhattan with over 5 acres of floor space on one floor.  Leave it to Google to find the place - their building in Manhattan is huge!  They started with 200,000 square feet on one floor of 111 Eighth Avenue, and have recently purchased all 2.9 million square feet.

I look forward to learning more about the booming startup technology sector in NYC.