News: How Apple Got Everything Right By Doing Everything Wrong

02 April 2011 04:11 PM CDT

This is a great article - I really enjoyed it.  It goes without saying that I'm a huge Apple fan and a huge Steve Jobs fan.  It still blows my mind that a majority of Steve's wealth comes from a relative side project of his, unaffiliated with Apple.  Yes, I'm talking about Pixar.  He got pushed out of Apple, started Pixar, sold it to Disney, became the single largest individual shareholder in Disney, then returned to Apple to grow that company in to the technology consumer electronics behemoth that it is today.  Wow.  Those are some serious accomplishments.  Go Steve.

Steve's quite the character, and this article does a great job of describing how his style, and that of Apple, contrasts greatly with the way most technology companies are run.  Not sure this technique would work anywhere Steve isn't.  He's a visionary leader, a demanding boss, an incredibly focused and driven worker, and undoubtedly a massive force behind the Apple we know today.  And, miraculously, his crazy ways just happen to work.  Most people would have probably given up tolerating his demanding style had it not paid off.  Well, it's paid off greatly, and that's a good story.