News: Spring Cleaning - Gadgets You Can Get Rid Of -

25 March 2011 01:16 PM CDT

I saw this headline and it made me think of all the tech gadgets I have around my house.  Thought I'd read it to see if there's anything I should be getting rid of.  Turns out I've already made several of these changes.  Have you?

One thing I can't see myself getting rid of any time soon is my desktop.  I have way too many peripherals to attach (mostly mass storage devices).  I'll be rocking the desktop until they make a laptop that offers an incredible amount of peripherals.

I've already ditched cable TV (I use the internet now), camcorder (sold it recently), USB thumb drive (I use Dropbox), digital music player (I've got my trusty iPhone).

Not gonna ditch books (even though I have a Nook), not gonna lose the GPS (I love it), and I'm not gonna lose my camera (although it's an SLR and not a point-and-shoot).

Enjoy the cleaning!