Loving Life at the KOA

02 October 2013 09:44 PM CDT

This morning I woke up excited and ready to tackle another day.  Each day I'm here at the KOA I have to go to the main office before 11AM if I want to stay another night.  So I've developed a bit of a morning ritual.  Wake up and check the weather.  Then check email.  Then work on photos or videos.  Then make sure I get to the showers with plenty of time to get ready before 11AM.  Then check the weather again.

The decision to stay has been very easy these past several days because it's been windy, cold, and rainy all the time.  My greeting at the front desk has been a constant, "I'm gonna be another night, Ruth!"

This morning was no different.  It was raining when I woke up and raining when I got out of the shower.  Also, I decided to order a part for my bike and have it delivered to my cabin.  And my part was set to arrive today thus making me pretty determined to stay another day.

I was really looking forward to today's shower because yesterday I bought real shampoo at Safeway.  It's been about a week since I washed my hair with actual shampoo.  I've been using Dr. Bronner's as a cure all for all washing needs.  I've used it on my clothes and for bathing.  So with a head of freshly clean hair I decided I also wanted to do laundry.  I'm not going to lie, I've been wearing dirty clothes for about 6 days now.  Yikes.  So when I went to the main office today I picked up some laundry detergent and got myself some quarters.

This neck beard is outta control!

I spent the greater part of my morning tending to my personal needs.  Hung out in the laundry facility with some of my new friends - all of the employees here at the KOA.  Everyone says hi to me.  Asks me how I'm doing and if I'm ready to start my bike ride again.  The people here have all been fantastic.  And, I did laundry with two of the employees today.  An adorable older couple.  The lady didn't say much.  She just sat at a table and worked on a puzzle.  The gentlemen, on the other hand, asked me how I was doing and chatted with me while he took care of his laundry.  And I must say, all of the employees are easily north of 50.  Probably much older than that.  I'm being conservative.

While in the laundry room I decided it was time to purge apps on my iPhone and iPad.  Neither have very good battery life and I figured reducing my app count might help.  So I deleted 39 apps from my phone and 28 from my iPad.  Much better now!  We'll see what kind of an effect that has on battery life.

Awesome painted mural in the laundry room at the KOA

About halfway through my wash cycle one of the KOA employees asked me if my parts were being delivered via UPS, because the UPS truck was here.  Awesome!  Brand new bicycle parts!  I went to the front desk, and sure enough there was Ruth with my new stuff.

With a full pannier of clean clothing and a brand new seat post collar I returned to my cabin feeling nothing short of glorious.  Back at the cabin I did necessary bike work.  I took off my MacGyver-esque seat post fix.  And then did another bicycle fitting.  Moved the seat just a touch higher and a bit closer to my handlebars.  After greasing my chain and gears and re-fitting my toe baskets I took the bike for a spin around the campsite.  All better now!


Later in the evening I decided to order delivery.  The kinds folks at Momiji never asked me what cabin I was in and just assumed they'd find me when they brought my food.  The delivery guy ended up getting some assistance from one of my friends and before I knew it I was feasting on Lincoln City's finest Chinese delivery.

I decided the perfect end to such a glorious day would include a Coors Light and a candy bar.  So I made one last trip to the general store.  On my way there one of my friend's asked me if I had a good dinner.  Turns out he was the guy who pointed the delivery man to my cabin.  The people here rule!

I've had a great stay here.  It's been relaxing and refreshing and I feel ready to get back on my bike.  This has been the perfect place to stay during stormy weather.  In fact, I've enjoyed my stay so much I decided to join the KOA Value Rewards program.  It costs $24/year, but offers a 10% discount every time you stay at a KOA.  And since I've been here so long, the membership has already paid for itself.  I took a look at the KOA facilities map and plan on staying at several more as I weave my way down the Pacific Coast.  Thanks, KOA!