Out and About in Lincoln City, Oregon

01 October 2013 01:00 AM CDT

I've been shacked up here at the KOA in Lincoln City, Oregon for many days now.  Originally, the tail end of a typhoon had me seeking shelter from the elements.  But, after a couple of days here, I realize the break has been good for me physically and emotionally.

I've grown to really love my little cabin and the kind folks here at the KOA.  There's Ruth at the front desk.  I greet her every morning when I go for coffee and ask for an extra night.  She's been awesome, helping me find restaurants that deliver to the campground as well as discussing the latest news on the weather.  I'm even having a few bike parts delivered here tomorrow.  Thank you, Ruth and Amazon Prime!

Today was the first day since Thursday with no rain.  I actually could see the sky this morning!  I quickly set about fixing my bike.  On my ride here the seat post collar on my bike broke.  I was adjusting my seat height in the middle of the rain and wind on a back country road when all of the threads stripped free and would no longer hold the seat post.  So this morning I improvised a seat post collar using two hose clamps I bought at the KOA general store.  My inner MacGyver was very pleased :)  I also had to re-secure the toe clip basket on my right pedal - that also popped free during Friday's stormy ride.

Once I repaired my bike I decided to do a proper bicycle fitting.  I watched three videos on the web - one at REI.com and two on YouTube - detailing how best to fit your bicycle.  I tinkered with my seat height and my seat position until I felt just right.  I think my ride will be much more comfortable after having made these adjustments.

Finally, with my bicycle ready to ride I set off for Lincoln City!  It was glorious getting back on my bike.  And with the new adjustments it felt great to ride.  My goals for my trip to town included:

  1. Buy a camping stool.

  2. Buy proper breakfast food for my lil cabin.

  3. Buy flip flops for camp showers.

  4. Buy a hat for cold camping nights.

  5. Eat a delicious meal.

I'm happy to report I successfully completed four of my five tasks.  After scouring Lincoln City I couldn't find a lightweight and small camping stool.  But I did find freeze dried meals and a pair of warm wool socks!  Success!

But the best experience I had while out today was at Nepali Kitchen.  Whenever I go hunting for food or coffee I always scour Yelp and Google Reviews first.  My original restaurant selection was a place called the Blackfish Cafe.  But when I got there it was closed.  Boo, Blackfish Cafe.  I opened Yelp back up and realized I wasn't far from a place called Nepali Kitchen.  It was supposed to be open and had a few great reviews.  I pedaled over to the restaurant but found a sign on the door that said "Be Back in 10 Minutes."  After striking out at my first restaurant and then finding this sign I decided I'd just eat anywhere open on my way back to my cabin.  I stopped in a few stores first and then got back on my bike.  As I started pedaling I noticed a couple walk in to the restaurant.  I checked the door and noticed the little sign was gone.  So I locked up my bike and headed inside.

The place was empty.  And dark.  And there was only one man working.  He was busy preparing coffee drinks for the first two customers.  Turns out Nepali Kitchen is also a coffee shop.  After the first two customers were taken care of I asked the man if the kitchen was open.  He said it was.  So I ordered one of the specials.  A traditional Nepalese dish with dal, chicken, cabbage, rice, and a curried variety of potatoes.  I also got a cappuccino.

I took a seat in the restaurant and pretty soon the man brought me the cappuccino.  Then he went into the kitchen and started firing appliances up and cooking.  Before long he brought me the tastiest looking meal I've seen in days.  It was piping hot and absolutely delicious.  Thrilled to be dining on something other than delivery I ate slowly and savored my time at the restaurant.  I was the only person in there.

When I finished I asked the man for my check.  I met him at the cash register and asked him if he was working alone.  He said he was.  He does everything.  Makes coffee drinks, prepares food in the kitchen, and serves the customers.  An awesome one man show.  On my way out I asked him his name.  Dan.  Thank you, Dan, for an incredible feast this evening!  If you're ever in Lincoln City, I highly recommend Nepali Kitchen.  The food is amazing and Dan will take great care of you :)

The Nepali Kitchen


Finally, here's a time lapse sequence I made of my big day out in Lincoln City, Oregon.  Enjoy!