Happy Birthday, Grandpa Kenneth Ekwall

06 June 2011 01:51 PM CDT

Today I’m celebrating my late grandpa Kenneth Ekwall’s birthday.  If he were still alive he’d be turning 98 today.

Grandpa Ken was born June 6, 1913 in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Here are a few pictures to celebrate the day.

Here’s grandpa Ken in 1918 (at age 5):

1918 Kenneth Lee Ekwall at Age 5

Here’s grandpa Ken playing around on a tricycle in the 1930s:

1930s Ekwall - Kenneth Lee Ekwall on a Tricycle

Here’s a shot I’ve always loved, it’s grandpa Ken and his wife grandma Frances in the 1940s:

1940s Spencer - Frances Irene Spencer and Kenneth Lee Ekwall with a Boston Terrier

Here’s a picture from July 1975, taken by my mother at Desoto Bend:

1975 07 Laurie Ekwall - Desoto Bend 12 - Kenneth Lee Ekwall

And here’s what I remember most, pictures of grandpa Ken at Christmas time - this one from Christmas 1980 :)

1980 12 Thede - Christmas - 09 Frank Masters and Kenneth Ekwall