August 1973 - Kenneth Ekwall - Jasper, Alberta, Canada

18 May 2011 09:21 PM CDT

I’m straying from the 80s today.  I’ve been scanning a stack of Kodachrome slides and couldn’t resist posting something I scanned today.  My grandfather, Kenneth Ekwall, must’ve taken this picture.  The picture was taken at the intersection of Connaught Drive and Miette Avenue in Jasper, Alberta, Canada.  I love pictures like this.  It’s so fun to see the world through the lens of the past.  I find it amazing that this is what life looked like in August, 1973.

1973 08 Ekwall - Jasper, Alberta

Kodachrome Slide Scan, 4000 dpi.

Just for fun, I took a look in Google Maps using Street View to see what the view is like today at this exact same place.  Here’s the result:

Google Maps - Street View - Jasper, Alberta, Canada

And, just for good measure, here’s a map of this exact location.