April 1987 - Rosie's Birthday Party

11 May 2011 05:39 PM CDT

I must admit I’ve been feeling the 80s and early 90s this week.  Maybe it all started when Laura, Allison, and I watched “Three Men and a Baby.”  Tom Selleck and his amazing mustache.  Ted Danson and his uber-hair.  New York City and the awesome 80s.  It all must have had an effect on me.  And, to top it off, we recently had a music listening party where there was an extreme emphasis on 80s music.

That said, today we’re gonna take a trip down 80s lane to check out my sister Rosie’s birthday party in 1987.  I don’t know who any of the party attendees are - Rosie, care to comment and tell us who some of these people are?  :)

You can check out the full set of photographs over at Flickr - 1987 04 Thede - Easter and Rosie’s Birthday.

Also, here’s a map of where these pictures were taken: