1920s Frances Irene Spencer

23 February 2011 04:54 PM CST

I’ve been a bit of a delinquent and have missed several days worth of posting.  Sorry about that.  Today I’m back on track.  Here we have my grandmother, Frances Spencer (born July 7, 1917) with her cousin, Richard Brokaw.  According to my aunt, the Brokaw family (Myra and Fred Brokaw) was visiting Iva Harding’s farm in Blue Hill, Nebraska, and that’s where this picture was taken. Iva Harding was my grandmother’s aunt.

I love the look on my grandmother’s face in this picture.  Just a couple of kids in the 1920s sharing a drink :)

1920s Frances Irene Spencer and a Friend

Nikon 9000 ED b/w negative scan, 4000 dpi.