1971 Laurie Ekwall at All State Orchestra

16 February 2011 11:25 AM CST

My mother is a cellist and an orchestra teacher. She’s been teaching kids about music since before I was born. The history goes way back, as her mother was also a cellist. And, we’ve got several members of the family tree who’ve been avid musicians too.

This past weekend my mom was at the Colorado All State Orchestra event with some of her current students. So, I thought it would be fun to post a picture of my mother when she was a participant herself. Here she is in 1971 at the Nebraska All State Orchestra concert. Go mom! :)

1971 Laurie Ekwall - All State 11 - Laurie Irene Ekwall

1971 Laurie Ekwall - All State 14 - Laurie Irene Ekwall

Nikon 9000 ED Kodak 35mm Safety Film Scan, 4000 dpi.