Nashville Quantified Self Meetup Group - Created!

30 November 2011 06:25 PM CST

It's amazing how the internet has broadened our minds and our access to information.  A person can spend hours at home learning about random movements without ever actually meeting the people participating.  That said, it's funny how exhilarating good old-fashioned face-to-face conversation can be. While in Lexington for Startup Weekend I had the good fortune of meeting a few people interested in something I am very passionate about, the Quantified Self.

I've looked at websites for various Quantified Self Meetup groups, and though relatively new, this subject interests people all over the world.  There are Meetups in San Francisco, New York, Tokyo, London, Cape Town, Paris, Brussels, and many other places, but the Meetup closest to me was in Louisville, Kentucky.  So, today I created the Nashville Quantified Self Meetup Group.  I will be reaching out to the community and organizing our first meeting, to be announced shortly.  If you're interested in this subject, if you're a self-tracker or a self-quantifier, I'd love to meet you.

Meetings will be similar to those held in other cities. The focus will primarily be a show-and-tell for people taking advantage of various kinds of self-tracking.  Ideally, it will be a platform for people to share what they are doing and to learn from others.

Please check out the Nashville Quantified Self Meetup page here:

Also, if you'd like to see my profile at, check it out here:

Finally, if you're new to the concept of the Quantified Self, find more information here: