Information is Ubiquitous

16 November 2011 01:01 AM CST

Tonight I attended an over-the-top social event here in Nashville celebrating the local startup and entrepreneurial scene.  The main attraction of tonight's event was a weigh-in for four challengers participating in a weight loss challenge.  Each participant staged their own special entrance music and pre-weigh-in show.  It was pretty incredible, to say the least.

Nashville is home to a tremendous number of health care companies.  And, health care is the number one industry here in town.  With that in mind it should come as no surprise that the startup and entrepreneurial community is filled with health care related enterprises.  Almost half the people I met tonight either work at a health care company or have started their own health care company.  It's quite remarkable, in my opinion.

The more I reflected on what some of these companies do the more I started thinking about information.  Information is everywhere - it's ubiquitous.  My brain ventured somewhat far with this thought.  I started thinking about how everything in this world and everything in our economy in some way or another is related to information.  All kinds of industries do all kinds of things like repackage information, present information, relay information, protect information, interpret information, etc.  Journalism is the distribution of information.  Law is the interpretation of information found in legal code.  Ditto for accounting.  Entertainment is the translation of information.  And in health care I find numerous companies trying to repackage, analyze, interpret, and re-sell information.

It may not be a revolutionary thought, but simplifying the world around me to nothing more than a bunch of information really helped me relax.  Endeavoring to start your own company is tricky stuff.  If you can boil down what it is you wish to do to nothing more than a unique perspective on existing information, or an unearthing of previously un-analyzed information, it certainly makes the task seem more accomplishable.

Now, at the end of the night and the end of my pontificating a simple phrase resonates well with me: "information is cheap, analysis is expensive."