Steve Jobs

06 October 2011 04:03 PM CDT

Steve Jobs lived a remarkable life.  Every moment of the man's existence was awe inspiring - from birth to death.  He conquered numerous industries, ran several massive companies, networked and influenced with countless other icons of industry, and left an indelible fingerprint on the face of the earth.  I have been influenced by the products and services he created and/or crafted more times than I can count.  Edison gave my home electricity and Jobs filled my life with products and services that harness that power beautifully and effectively.

Everyone experiences a few moments where something happens they will never forget.  Thanks to a product Steve created I now have a tangible reminder of the exact moment I learned of his passing.  This is just one example of Steve's products helping me digitize a memorable moment.

Steve, you will not be forgotten.  Your legacy lives on in more than your company or your products. Your legacy lives on in the people you inspired.  And believe me, one look at the internet today and it's easy to see just how many people have been inspired by you.  I'm overwhelmed by the number of blog posts and news stories sharing personal stories regarding your influence on individual's lives.  I've read countless letters and emails people sent you that are now being shared on the web.  I look forward to reading your biography and am thankful you allowed someone to write an authentic and real portrayal of your life and your work.  Steve, I'm grateful that you lived.  I'm grateful that I can find inspiration in your story and in your work.  I'm grateful that my life has been enriched by the products you brought to market.  And I'm grateful that I'm not alone.  As I look around me today it brings me great joy knowing that others feel exactly the same way I do.  Thank you.  Thank you for setting the bar for excellence so ridiculously high.