INFOGRAPHIC: Our Memory in the Age of Google

24 September 2011 04:53 PM CDT

I've read several articles about how the internet is altering the structure of our brains.  We're interacting with information in new ways and are quickly abandoning older methods of research and education.  The overall means by which we discover and interact with information is changing at an exponential rate.

Personally, I think the internet and service companies such as Google are greatly enhancing my own knowledge and awareness.  On a social level, when I meet someone or get in touch with an old friend I often have a vivid picture of their life to discuss with them.  I have Twitter, Facebook, and various other social networking sites to thank for this enhancement of my memory.  And as far as knowledge is concerned I think my memory has been massively amplified simply due to access to an overwhelming ocean of information.  Thanks to Google (or Wolfram Alpha, another favorite) I can often find any bit of information about anything I desire.  I love having access to knowledge.  As civilization progresses I think we'll have access to more and more information.

As we move forward our brains will need to adjust to live with the technology that surrounds us.  I don't think this necessarily means we are destroying our brains.  We're just changing and rewiring the way our brains work.  Going forward our brains will have to learn how to maintain a healthy relationship with technology.  I enjoy the relationship I have with technology and look forward to the inevitable changes ahead.

Check out the below infographic for a more detailed look at this relationship.

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