Facebook: Flypaper For Tech Talent

22 September 2011 09:11 PM CDT

Facebook is doing big things.  It's obvious that in order to do big things you need big, talented, crazy smart people.  I've read a lot about how there is an incredible supply / demand imbalance right now when it comes to software development and engineering talent.  Major technology companies have been increasing salaries, offering outlandish perks, and pulling off crazy stunts (such as a year's supply of PBR and a brand new iPad to new hires).  Everyone wants a software developer.  Or an engineer.  Anyone with technical skills.  And, those skills are often self taught.  The pace of change in technology is exponential so those charting the path to the future are often self-motivated, self-starting, and self-educated tech wizards.  And, there aren't that many of them.  Well, there aren't enough of them.

Facebook announced many updates today at the f8 developer's conference in California.  Facebook is doing stuff that only incredibly talented tech wizards can pull off.  The service itself boasts 800 million users.  Just last month they had a day where 500 million users accessed the service.  And now they're implementing major design changes that will call upon literally years worth of data for every user in the system.  The new Timeline will visually display a user's entire Facebook experience and offers the ability to start your Timeline with your birth.  According to software engineers at Facebook some users will be able to access seven years worth of accumulated information.  That's a tremendous amount of data!  You can't just flip a switch like that and expect the service to hold up to the incredible data demand.  Facebook clearly has genius's working to insure the infrastructure holds up to the coming demands of the user base.  It's impressive.

You may be asking, what's the punchline, Adam?  Well, here's the deal.  As was stated by Marc Andreesen software is upending numerous industries.  Netflix for entertainment. Amazon for shopping.  Black box trading for the stock market.  Video games, photography, music.  You name it, it's currently being dominated by software.  The world needs tech talent.  There's a massive demand out there for software developers, engineers, tech wizards.  If you have the capacity or the capability I encourage you to consider working in tech.  Furthermore, there are many compelling products that are yet to be built.  Established players like Facebook, Google, and Apple have resources to encourage talent to come and work for them.  And they're obviously attracting some very brilliant people.  But, there is opportunity all around us.  If you've got the means I encourage you to consider working for a startup.  Or start your own tech enterprise and start upending another industry with your technical wizardry.  Cheers to the future.