Welcome to the Thede Technologies Blog

06 July 2011 12:28 PM CDT

Since this is my first official post to the ThedeTech blog I should probably start with a little background on what you can expect to find here.  I read a lot.  I love perusing the web and finding interesting stories about interesting companies doing interesting things.  On occasion I'll actually have original thoughts of my own.  But most of the time I'm best at just taking in a lot of information, processing it, and repackaging it for general distribution.  I have a long list of my favorite blogs, news sources, etc., and I love browsing through them in search of a great story.  So, here at the ThedeTech blog you will regularly find my take on the day's news.  And, on occasion, I'll post some original content of my own.

I'm a huge fan of technology.  When taking a retrospective look at my life I guess I could say I always have been.  Just yesterday I made the determination that the next big chapter in my life will be devoted to technology.  I'm not sure how it will play out, but I'm convinced that the tech industry will be an incredibly powerful and formative component of the global economy, political landscape, and numerous industries (from media to entertainment to health care, etc.).  I've resolved that I want to be involved.

In addition to being interested in technology I'm also interested in the various funding mechanisms in place to help entrepreneurs get their businesses started.  I follow a bunch of venture capitalists and angel investors and am always curious about trends in financing.  I guess this could be my Wall Street background kicking in.  My first career was spent at the investment bank Lehman Brothers.  I learned a lot about the financial services industry while there.  And, it was breathtaking to see just how influential technology has been on the financial services sector.

I've got a Google Chrome browser open with approximately 20 tabs full of interesting news stories.  Let's get this party started.