Awesome Apps: Instagram, Postagram, and Want!

09 June 2011 05:42 PM CDT

Today I've been busy doing tech research. Trying to wrap my brain around a concept I've got and have been feeding myself all kinds of information on other founders, companies, concepts, products, business plans, etc. Inevitably, all of this research leads me to different products and services and their respective web portals, mobile apps, and interfaces.

It's rare that I find a mobile app that I really like. I'll stumble on quite a few during the week, but it's rare that any of them really blow my mind. Well, today's been a bit odd, because in one day I've found three apps that I think are brilliant.

The day started with me finally joining the Instagram community. Instagram itself is a brilliant app. But, it joins a long list of other service providers offering various degrees of the same product. A photo app with filters and social sharing. Instagram's been very successful, but it's in a bit of a crowded space. The thing I like about it, and the way I'll most likely use the app, is that in it's simplest form it's a photo version of Twitter. An easy way to create a photostream that represents your experiences during the day, week, month, whatever. The app lets you scroll through the pictures of those you follow just like you would scroll through Twitter updates. I like that. If you want to follow me, my username is cityofthedes.

After toying around with Instagram for a bit I spotted a Tweet with a headline about a company called Postagram. Postagram is a concept I think is absolutely brilliant. Postagram is an app that lets you create postcards with your mobile photos (from either your iPhone camera, Instagram, or Facebook). Once you've created your postcard Postagram prints the card and physically mails it to your selected recipients. The price per postcard is 99 cents. I look forward to sending postcards to people like my parents, grandmother, sisters, friends, etc. Such a neat concept.

Check out the article I read on Postagram here : "Postagram pokes Facebook, friends Android"

The third app to draw my attention today is called Want! Again, the app was brought to my attention by an article. The article starts with a discussion of Facebook's "like" button. They author points out that sure, people may like stuff, but ultimately they want stuff. Enter, Want! The reason I like the app is that it allows you to create an inventory of things you want, and then it allows you to share your list with your social community. Seems like a very easy way for people to get ideas for birthday gifts, anniversary presents, etc. I've got a few wish lists over at but I don't think anyone I know has ever checked them out. That's half my fault and half Amazon's - there isn't an easy or awesome way to share my wish lists with anyone. Want! makes that part easy by integrating the app with various social communities. I like it.

Check out the article I read on Want! here : "The Day The Like Button Died."

Now, head on over to the app store and start tinkering around with these three apps. I'm expecting postcards :)