Photography and Libraries - My Favorite Things :)

02 April 2011 12:31 PM CDT

I just found a story combining two of my passions in an amazing way.  I love photography and I love libraries (and books).  Check out this headline:

Behold The World’s Largest Photo Ever Taken Indoors: 40 Gigapixels Of Awesome

I’m intrigued, you?  To make it even better it’s an indoor panoramic photo of a historic library in Old Prague.  Now I’m very intrigued!

Jeffrey Martin, founder of (a website I’ve mentioned before), gained access to the 18th-century baroque library inside the Strahov Monastery in Prague, Czech Republic.  The library is stunningly beautiful and this massive panoramic image certainly does it justice. has an excellent article on the process of creating the image as well as pictures of Jeffrey in action.

I’m happy to report I’ve actually emailed with Jeffrey directly before.  I started an account over at quite awhile ago (when he first founded the site).  Back in those days, before it became massive, he would personally respond to questions.  I’m happy to see he’s continued with his passion and is having success in the panoramic photography space.

Check out this video to get a feel for the interactive panoramic image:

Also, please check out the article over at  The pictures of the process are awesome.

360-Degree Panorama Takes You Inside Prague’s Off-Limits Baroque Library

Finally, check out the panorama itself over at

Strahov Library 40 Gigapixels Indoor Panoramic Photograph -