360 Precision Offers Group Discount Independent of Groupon

02 April 2011 11:05 AM CDT

I got an interesting email this morning.  As you may already know about me I’m an extreme photography enthusiast.  One thing I love doing is capturing spherical panoramas.  To do it well you need a specific tripod head.  I use a rather cheap one (the Nodal Ninja).  If I had more dough to spend I’d probably upgrade to one of the offerings from 360 Precision.  They make amazing panoramic tripod heads.  Each one is custom fitted to your particular camera/lens combination.  I digress …

So, this morning I got an email from 360 Precision letting their fans know that they’re planning to offer a “Group Buy” feature on one product once a month.  The more people participate in the Group Buy, the deeper the discount.  I’m impressed.  This way they can offer discounted products to their customers in a social and group buying fashion without having to share the revenue with Groupon.  As we all know, Groupon takes a significant portion of the revenue.  And, 360 Precision is using Facebook and Twitter to market this new “Group Buy” option.  Kudos, 360 Precision.  Offering a Groupon style discount and marketing via the web’s best social media outlets.  I said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m impressed.  I’m actually quite surprised to have not seen any other retailers do something like this.  If this technique works, and if more retailers do this, it will just re-affirm my doubts about Groupon’s lofty valuation.

You can visit the “Group Buy” page for 360 Precision on Facebook here.

Also, here’s the 360 Precision company website.

Have a great weekend!