I did something I wouldn't normally do

18 November 2015

Yesterday I did something I wouldn't normally do. I got a flu shot. And the best explanation I have for doing so, is that I want to make sure Laura Beth and lil Simon are as protected as possible from anything I might catch. So I went for it!

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Thoughts on Entrepreneurship ... It's All Sales

13 November 2015

Last night I had the good fortune of seeing Marcus Whitney give a talk to a small group of aspiring entrepreneurs. I’m pretty sure everyone in attendance was expecting a polished presentation. But, rather refreshingly, the first thing Marcus did was open the floor to questions. A bit awkward, but ultimately rewarding.

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GoPro and Hyperlapse Technology

14 September 2014

A lil essay about two things I love - GoPro cameras and time lapse movies.

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I love airbnb

14 September 2014

I've been thinking a lot about social sharing services. With lyft and uber and airbnb constantly in the news about their disruptive services, it brought a lot to my attention about my experience with airbnb.

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Cycling from Waldport to Florence

05 October 2013

Today was another awesome day!

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Cycling from Lincoln City to Waldport

04 October 2013

Today was amazing.  Woke up with the intention to ride and cover some ground.  And ride and cover some ground I did!

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Loving Life at the KOA

02 October 2013

This morning I woke up excited and ready to tackle another day.  Each day I'm here at the KOA I have to go to the main office before 11AM if I want to stay another night.  So I've developed a bit of a morning ritual.  Wake up and check the weather.  Then check email.  Then work on photos or videos.  Then make sure I get to the showers with plenty of time to get ready before 11AM.  Then check the weather again.

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Out and About in Lincoln City, Oregon

01 October 2013

I've been shacked up here at the KOA in Lincoln City, Oregon for many days now.  Originally, the tail end of a typhoon had me seeking shelter from the elements.  But, after a couple of days here, I realize the break has been good for me physically and emotionally.

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The Kindness of Strangers

28 September 2013

I camped last night with new friends - Adam and Matt.  We split a camp site in Pacific City and it was awesome.  I met Adam and Matt yesterday while riding from Bay City.  We kept leap frogging one another.  I would stop for a rest and they would pass me.  They would stop for a rest and I would pass them.  Finally, a couple miles outside of Pacific City, we all stopped at a beautiful scenic vista on the beach to say hello.

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One Big Bicycle Ride

01 September 2013

I don't know exactly where I got the idea to go on a massive bicycle ride.  Maybe it was watching Forrest Gump and witnessing his determination to just start running.  Maybe it was a blog I read awhile ago.  I've read quite a few blogs belonging to bikers who just up and biked a great distance.  Maybe it was my desire to take an adventure.  I've always liked adventure.  When I was younger I would take big bike rides around my neighborhood.  My friend Scott and I even rode our bikes all the way to the mall once.  Which was a big deal for us back then.  And we were in a minority of students who would actually ride our bikes to school.  I guess I like being on a bike.

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